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Starting June 17, 2022, we will roll out the latest update of our PETKIT APP. There are several upgrades that you will surely love and will keep you excited about our products!

 Homepage visual experience upgrade:

1. Home screen was redesigned with new position.

Additions: healthy feeding, reminder, walk a pet and weight

2. Removed work-record area and merge the content into the history message

3. The total number of to-do-list items is displayed

4. To-do list supports "no more reminders" and other settings

5. Optimize the display of pet information on the daily life page

6. Optimize liking effect on the pet community page

The smart pet feeder SOLO & SOLO (NEW) adds food shortage warning function:

1. Added "Food Shortage Alarm" entry on the settings page

2. The " Food Shortage Alarm" function is disabled by default and needs to be manually enabled by the user

3. When the alarm occurs, the buzzer of the device will beep for 5 seconds, and it will be repeated every 30 seconds.

4. When the feeder alarms, you can short press the food button to turn off the alarm

5. The time selector follows the settings of the mobile phone system and supports 12-hour / 24-hour format

Fresh Element 3-Smart Pet Feeder and Fresh Element Mini SOLO Smart Pet Feeder feeding plan optimization:

1. Add a switch to the weekly schedule, such as adding a switch upon the Sunday schedule, it can be turned off at any time.

2. Every time you enter this page, stay on today's plan. For example, today is Thursday, when you enter this page, it will display Thursday's plan

3. The plan switch at the top is changed to "one key switch"

Toilet and feeder: odor eliminator and desiccant are all automatically reset with the update of replacement record.

Water dispenser: add replace filter element, add water record functions.

Pura Max Auto Cat Litter Box maintenance mode added:

1. The main operation button of the cat toilet series is placed at the bottom

2. The cat toilet switch is placed in the settings

3. Add maintenance mode in the app(software)

4. Add maintenance mode to the device menu

5. Add deep cleaning function in settings

1. In the maintenance mode, the device stops all work, to solve the problem that the cat litter falls into the litter box due to the running of the device when the user is cleaning the litter box

2. Guide the user to clean up the device and toilet in this mode

3. In the maintenance mode, the sand bin will rotate to a fixed angle to guide users to add cat litter

The Pura Max Auto Cat Litter Box smart mode adds the deep cleaning function, which is turned off by default. After turning it on, the device will be cleaned 2 times each time.

Smart Spray: Add a text description below the deodorant(odor removal) settings

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EliseHappel posted 5 months ago

What does love experience mean?

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MOHAMMED ISLAM posted 6 months ago

My app shows incorrect time. I have followed the advice from customer service. Deleted the app and account and reinstated it again. Still no luck I cannot believe how poor the customer service is.

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Jamal Alshehhi posted 11 months ago

Do you have delivery to uae is free ? If not how much cost

How long take time

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Regan Shea posted 11 months ago

I would love to be able to change the weight & temp to imperial/Fahrenheit. Unless it’s already there and I just couldn’t find it. 

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Nik Noorulazmah posted over 1 year ago

How to u install the previous Petkit app? There's no u install button? 

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Philomena Britto posted over 1 year ago

How do I actually update the software 

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Eduard Gershkovich posted almost 2 years ago

How the SOLO feeder can be factory reset?

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Eduard Gershkovich posted almost 2 years ago

How can I setup the time zone in my SOLO feeder?

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