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Posted 9 months ago by Ryan Ladd

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Ryan Ladd

My 18mo old cat refuses to use the petkit pura max. She’s a sibling and her sisters uses it fine. Never had an issue with her and now she poops on the floor in front of it and pees on the dog bed. Tips on how to get her to use it? It’s been a week. We put their old litter right in the new cat box and her sister is using it daily. It smells like it’s supposed to. Same litter. 

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Allen S. Harvey Jr. posted 3 months ago

My 12 year old cat refuses to even enter the Pura Max.  I guess it's time to send it back.

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Niki McLaren posted 4 months ago

I have 4 cats which is why I bought the Petkit.  I think 2 maybe using it.  1 of them pees on it, next to it, on the floor in front of it, on the cupboard next to it. I've put the old litter tray in front of it with the new litter in it and someone is using it! Do I take that one away and hope he uses the new box? It's so frustrating! Help us Petkit, we are all going crazy!!!

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Kim Choong posted 7 months ago

Same here. I tried doing that too and removed the litter box option, my cat ended up defacating everywhere else in the house. Her old bed, my plant pot, now the leather sofa. I talked to her every time I find a new pee or poo and showed her the auto clean machine. Nada. 

I posted up here a few days ago to ask for advice and that post is gone. Come on PetKit, it's not a cheap machine, if you can't provide a solution and follow up, then give me my money back. 

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Ryan Ladd posted 8 months ago

We had to put back the old litter box to keep her from going elsewhere and we are intentionally leaving it very dirty with very little litter in it to try and get her to use the PETKIT. She will actually pee and then basically bury it with dried poop, all with the PETKIT sitting right next to it and nice and clean. Now, is Petkit doing anything to even read these posts and provide us any advice, or is this just a place for us to vent and get no help? :( 

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Allison Peck posted 9 months ago cat is 4 years old. I have tried all the recommended tips—letting the old litter box go uncleaned, putting treats and toys around the new litter box, encouraging activity around the new litter box, etc. 

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