How to get my cat to use PuraMax

Posted almost 2 years ago by Kim Choong

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Kim Choong

I bought a PuraMax hoping that ny cat would use it. What I did :

I placed the cat's old litter box in front of PuraMax, gradually adding the cat's litter to the machine and do the cleaning there. Then left the old litter box very dirty until the last bit of litter. - The cat would ratger poop in the empty old litter box than use the machine. 

I took away the old litter box entirely, told the cat that the machine is the toilet. Stubbornly, she refused to use it still. 

I put her inside the litter box a few times, repeating again that she should use the box. Nada. 

Now she's started rotating on my plant pots as her toilet.

How do I get a five - year-old stubborn cat to use PuraMax? It's been 2 1/2 weeks. What do I do? 

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Albader Ahmad posted over 1 year ago

Here's what I did to get my almost 6 years old neutered gentcat to use the puramax without any step-backs or challenges.

1-use "used" from the cat's old litter that yo cleaned obviously. This is to get the scent all of the new litter in PuraMax

2-Put clumps of poop and urine in the litter of the PuraMax. 2~3 clumps is enough, burry some and leave some exposed or semi-exposed.

3-Place PuraMax right next to the old litter box (not vice versa) This is to introduce the PuraMax as a new litter box in the litter box location in yor home.

4-Leave it like that for a day or two. After that period, place an unrestricting object (Like a small and thin standing broom-stick) at the enterance of the old litterbox. This is to gradually show that it's more crowded to enter the old litterbox than PuraMax

5-On the next day or after 3 days from step 4. Place a somewhat restrcting object at the enterance of the old litter box (Like paper shredder - or smaller/bigger object depending on the enterance size) this is a gradual step to show that it's getting crowded and somewhat challenging to enter the old litter box than the PuraMax

6-on the next day or after 2 days. Place restricting object infront of the old litterbox enternce that can be moderatly easy to be moved out of the way by the cat

7-Completely restrict the enterance to the old litter box. I personally place a rectangular trach can that perfectly closed off the enterance but it was ventilated so that the smell was still prominant for th cat that this is a littering area.

-By this step the cat should be using the PuraMax as its go-to litterbox. 


-You can go back a step if you think you advanced too quickly through steps.

-Perhaps add or modify the steps after observing yor cat behaviour and understanding what's deterring it fro using the PuraMax and what is it with the old litterbox that it likes that yo can transfer to the PuraMax.

Good luck :)

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