How to get my cat to use PuraMax

Posted 21 days by Kim Choong

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Kim Choong

I bought a PuraMax hoping that ny cat would use it. What I did :

I placed the cat's old litter box in front of PuraMax, gradually adding the cat's litter to the machine and do the cleaning there. Then left the old litter box very dirty until the last bit of litter. - The cat would ratger poop in the empty old litter box than use the machine. 

I took away the old litter box entirely, told the cat that the machine is the toilet. Stubbornly, she refused to use it still. 

I put her inside the litter box a few times, repeating again that she should use the box. Nada. 

Now she's started rotating on my plant pots as her toilet.

How do I get a five - year-old stubborn cat to use PuraMax? It's been 2 1/2 weeks. What do I do? 

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