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Posted over 1 year ago by jake nordern (Wassax7)

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jake nordern (Wassax7)


I rencently purchased the Pura max and it’s a game changer we are lovin it. 

Still, I think there’s a key feature missing. 

Fact is, when the cat goes into the litter and weight a little more than what we told the app, the detection doesn’t work. 

Here’s my suggestion :

Could you add a feature where we could choose like a « guess range » and the app would figure out if the cat is now 2 grams heavier for example. 

Also if you need French people to translate the app contact me!

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Ajvar Kern posted over 1 year ago

Hi Jake, great idea and same thoughts to this topic on my side. I don't get it, why the weight is not assigned to the right cat.

A further idea is to automatize the litter calibration, after e.g the cleaning is done. Then the user does not need to be actively push two times the button for calibration.

I hope we will get an answer and a solution for this problem, because we paid so much money for the Pura Max.

Best regards!

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