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Posted over 1 year ago by trisk

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We have a PURA MAX and one of us is often not home. I shared the PURA MAX with my partner's PETKIT account and we both have access to the litterbox on our separate phones. However, only my account was able to receive notifications from the PURA MAX.

I contacted support last month about the problem, they were very nice but confirmed after talking with the tech team that: "Shared users may not receive notifications at the moment. Since we have it raised, will make sure to have it updated back with the next release."

Have notifications been fixed in the latest update? If not, is there a timeline for when this will be fixed?

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Sergio Contreras Trigueros posted over 1 year ago

Yo también pienso que esta función es muy necesaria si hay dos personas en una casa que estén al tanto de la información y cuidado. Veo importante que se comparta la mascota con todos sus accesorios por si tienes varias mascotas con diferentes personas.

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w posted over 1 year ago

I think this feature is needed as the notifications are extremely useful in knowing when to clean.

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