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Posted over 1 year ago by Daniella Pratt

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Daniella Pratt

With the last update, the app started showing when the water fountain was out. Could we get a cell phone notification for that? Or even one when it's low like the feeding containers do?

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Christophe Murisier posted 7 months ago


In iOS is the same. I have to go into the application and refresh the fontaine.

I have the PuraMax that link the fontaine to the cloud. But also this link don’t help to get automatically the notifications. 

At the end, the notification is only show on the Icon of the Fontaine and button the Fontaine when you have clicked on it. 

But no notification in the message part of the application on click on the Bell.

Can Petkit change the application to get really the notification? 

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Sylvie posted 7 months ago

What's crazy is the web site advertises these notifications as a feature. "The app only sends you notifications when the water level is low."

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Benjamin posted 8 months ago

Right now we have to go to the fountain in the app and refresh it for the notification to appear, on Android. I thought perhaps the iOS app would be working better and shared the devices with myself between my phone and my iPad and even if you refreshed the app on iOS the status of the device isn't updated on Android. I get a frigging notification 50 times a day each time a cat walks in front of the feeder with camera, the notification sort of works when the feeder runs out of food, how hard can it be to refresh the status of the water and send a notification of the pump stops.

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Nick Baccala posted 8 months ago

bump. absolutely silly this isn't already a feature

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