Petkit fit 3 - auto sync and syncing/finding from other devices

Posted over 1 year ago by Andi Mitrache

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Andi Mitrache

Petkit fit 3 is very impractical since there is no way to auto sync the data unless the app is opened and you open the device page. 

When you have multiple cats, this is very tedious, and it means any automations based on sleep or activity are impossible as the data can only be pulled manually 

Having a way to sync the data automatically from a phone left in the room, or better yet a tiny linux device would make this a great product. 

Or maybe make a small iot module that will update the data automatically like lavviebot does. 

I doubt anything will happen anytime soon, but I hope so. Your products seem great so far, but with issues like this it's not very practical to use them VS the competitors who allow you these features 

Being able to use other phones/devices would also allow you to find the cat, otherwise you can only find the cat in the same room as you, which is not useful 

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