Pura Max: Need more functions for the light

Posted 6 months ago by Mint-Mint Kaa

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Mint-Mint Kaa

My Pura Max feature requests are need more functions mode for the light.


mode1: auto turn on-off when cat use the machine. (if can set interval time will be better)

mode 2: can turn on and off when needs (because I need to clean my machine and need the light turn on all time while I clean machine)

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ciprianmp posted about 1 month ago

I found the odor and light commands in PuraMax menu, down below. So please disregard my previous comment about not finding them.

Right now, I second @mintmintkaa request for an automatic functioning of the light based on usage of the box.

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ciprianmp posted about 1 month ago

Or at least leave the Smart Spray functions available when connected to the MAX. After connected, all I can see is level of the spray and all I can do is reset that level. Where the manual odor and light on/off commands went?

I wish to see the light automatically on and off for when my cat is in the box (I was the magnetic sandproof door, so it's completely dark inside all the time!) and the spray automatically triggered by the litter box after each use. 

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Marin Pette posted about 2 months ago

I agree with Mint too

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Jose Francisco Dominguez Leon posted 4 months ago

Yes I agree with Mint, our cat needs light when he goes to the sand box

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