Low Litter Alert and Litter Leveling

Posted over 1 year ago by Melissa Hernandez

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Melissa Hernandez

It drives me nuts that I have to physically long press the ‘OK’ button to level the litter any time I add new litter. There should be an option in the application to trigger a leveling event for whenever the user pleases. I also think that system should send us “low litter” notifications by detecting whenever additional litter should be added, plus include the ability for enabling/disabling an audible option in the application or allow for custom alert time like you did for the food shortage alarm on your single and duo feeders. There’s a small challenge in the fact that different litters have different weights, but, I think a simple calibration option for the system to record the weight of max litter condition should be enough to enable the feature. I also think that you should allow the user the option to re-calibrate or reset the max litter weight in case the customer needs to buy emergency litter that isn’t their normal daily liter, this can account for supply chain interruptions. 

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