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Posted 7 months ago by Erol Cetincelik

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Erol Cetincelik

It would be great if there would be a Google Home integration with Petkit devices. I'd love to command my Google Home / Assistant as :"Please feed my pet" ; or "How many days to replace xx/yy" etc.

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Omar Villegas posted 26 days ago

It could be a temporary solution for those ones who wants the “Hey google, feed my pet”. In my case I installed a Switchbot Bot over the manual button of the Solo Feeder and it integrates with Google Home and Alexa.

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Marius Beniušis posted 2 months ago

This is very much missed

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Yu Xiang posted 3 months ago

It's almost essential to have work with Google Home integration (if not Matter) nowadays. 

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Sebastián Camilo Pulido Cendales posted 3 months ago

Is there any update on this? At least an intention to do it? This is a really necessary feature in smart devices nowadays 

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Raph Mi posted 7 months ago

That would be awesome indeed ! 

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