Able to set the second schedule of the feeder

Posted about 1 month ago by 詹景存

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Hope there is a new feature that users can set the second feed schedule on a feeder.

The use case is I provide both dry food and wet food for my cat( schedule 1).

But if I have to leave home more than 1 day, there should be all dry food(schedule 2).

If users can set the different schedule, that can easily switch it.

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ciprianmp posted 19 days ago

Ok, I thought you meant the schedule will automatically deliver dry and wet. But you want to use it as a reminder. For that, you can use the Reminder function, I suppose.

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詹景存 posted 21 days ago

No, I give the wet food manually.

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ciprianmp posted 21 days ago

Which feeder can provide both dry and wet, alternatively as you describe it?

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