Complete Product Failure (Pura Max) and Horrible Customer Service

Posted 10 months ago by Saul B. Kleinfeld

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Saul B. Kleinfeld

After a year of using the product (warranty expired), there was a severe defect in the product rendering it unusable. I sent a ticket to Petkit and they said the following: 

We apologize to inform you that unfortunately, after thoroughly investigating your raised concern by our technical team, your device was confirmed with a severe oscillation of scale sensors. We wish to replace your device, apologies, however, upon checking your order number, your device is out of the 1-year warranty already. Thus, we cannot offer a replacement of your unit anymore.

Something bigger is going on as well because it is not even turning on anymore. Petkit refuses to do anything about it other than give a 30% discount to by the same crappy product again. 

Anyone else having this issue?

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Dean Cannon posted 3 months ago

I bought a PETKIT GO and it won’t update the firmware rendering the product basically unusable. Contacted customer support who initially said they would send me the firmware update before changing their mind and telling me the product was no longer supported. I explained that I had bought a product which was, through no fault of my own, not fit for purpose and I wasn’t happy with their response.

They have to all intents and purposes told me that there is nothing they can do so end of story according to them. I’ve only had the bloody thing for 2 weeks. If that is the level of customer service they provide it will be the last product I buy from them. Disgraceful

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김미경 posted 4 months ago

직접 구매하신 건가요?  그러면 안 됩니다.  공식 매장에서 구매한 제품에만 자동 세척 기능이 있다고 합니다. 구매자에게 환불 불만을 제기하고 있습니다.

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Maria Graham posted 4 months ago

Does anyone know how to turn the kitten mode off as the www site is useless I haven’t had a cat mat or deodorant (thing) I’ve emailed company support as I can’t get it to synch with mobile so they sent me an account link… I already had an account!!!! Any help appreciated 

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TB posted 6 months ago

Having the same issues! And I've only had mine for 2 months! No warranty info and any customer service ticket request or warranty info directs to "page not found" on any Device or browser. Since I purchased through Amazon their warranty information link only directs back to to "order consumables". Very disappointed that the only troubleshooting help are YouTube videos for installation but no product warranty inquiries...I wish I did more research on other automatic litter boxes prior to purchasing this brand and model. 

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Brenda Childress posted 8 months ago

I don’t like to hear this.  I can’t even find a place to signup for a warranty.  And also, warranty should be at least 2 years.  All other products have 5 year warranty!   I hope I am not sorry. 

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