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Posted 11 months ago by Vakaris Vaitkevičius

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Vakaris Vaitkevičius


My cat currently has 4 portions throughout the day, as he starts throwing up without eating for a long time. The problem I have is that the smallest portion I can set is 1/10th of a cup, which is 10g. It is a little bit too much food throughout the day. I would love an option for 5g or even custom values.

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Vakaris Vaitkevičius posted 11 months ago

This is their reply on the issue:

We appreciate you reaching us again, PETKIT Help Center!

We understand that you want a smaller amount of food dispenser less than 10 grams, however, for now, the PETKIT Fresh Element Solo smart pet feeder device has only 10 grams as a minimum amount of food dispense.

If you ever wanted to have a much wider range of food amount option, then we may recommend the PETKIT Fresh Element 3 or Infinity smart pet feeder device.

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Paul van Driel posted 11 months ago

We have the same problem, the smallest portion, 1/10th of a cup, is still too much for our cat!

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