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Posted 6 months ago by Joojin Abaoag

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Joojin Abaoag

I know this is hard especially when cutting corners to maximize profits but maybe selling something that tells me to put more water in when it’s already overflowing with water might not be the move. Or maybe it is, since you guys have my money. 

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Benjamin posted 20 days ago

You have a water fountain that notifies you to add more water when it's already full?

My EVERSWEET 3 and my new MAX WIRELESS water fountains have never once notified me when the water was low! Support has been stumbling in their explanations but the notification feature albeit clearly advertised on the product page of the EVERSWEET 3 are a lie. The app doesn't have a Notifications section in the Settings of the MAX either, which tell me they are just not programmed in the app. 

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Igor Santos posted 4 months ago

Really, why bother? They've already sold us stuff with fancy marketing pages, why actually deliver the features?

Why even bother ANSWERING customers?

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