Pura Max: Account for toilet usage across multiple devices

Posted 2 months ago by Adrienne Lombardo

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Adrienne Lombardo

Hi! I’m a cat household of 3 so having an additional Pura Max has made a huge difference in the amount of litter we go through. 

However cats being cats, they will take an interest in a specific litter box and use that one for a couple days. 

This results in getting notifications the app that the box hasn’t been used by them in 2 or more days. It would be great if the ecosystem could check all litter boxes linked to an account to validate if its an issue in a certain litter box or across the entire household.

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Carola Clavo posted 2 months ago

I only have one but this seems logical! It should be like this.

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Anacoon posted 2 months ago

If that could be added to the app for use with the Pura X that would be awesome. Cause I am getting the same notification from my pura x. And I have a 3rd one that I will be setting up soon too.

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