Feeder D1 and D2 Difference

Modified on Fri, 06 May 2022 at 10:19 AM

What is the difference between D1 and D2 Feeder? 

The difference between D1 and D2 feeder;
1. The cleaning process is different. The D1 feeder cannot be washed with water and can only be wiped with a wet towel. While the mini feeder or D2 can be disassembled and washed, which is more convenient for cleaning.
2. Different feeders size have different requirements for the size of pet food particles. D1 feeder recommends pet food within the range of 5-25mm, and mini feeder or D2 is recommended to be within the range of 5mm-12mm. (Freeze-dried food is not supported)
3. The remaining food detection methods of the two feeders are also different. D1 feeder will display the percentage of surplus food , while the mini feeder or D2 can only detect the lack of surplus food.

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