Difference between 2nd and 3rd Generation Smart Drinking Fountain

Modified on Mon, 09 May 2022 at 12:53 PM

What is the difference between EVERSWEET 2 and EVERSWEET 3?

Capacity and shape are not the same while the water dispenser filter, function, materials are the same.

The EVERSWEET 3 body shape is round, capacity 1.35L, power cord is USB interface, the upper tray is rotating and can effectively prevent pets from disassembling the water tray. The lower tray and inner tube are 304 stainless steel. EVERSWEET 3 doesn't have a filter sponge, it has simple structure and it's easy to clean. It can hold 5 AAA spare batteries. When it's in Smart mode, it will work three minutes and rest for three minutes. There is also a function that pushes floating hairs aside. 

EVERSWEET 2: Intelligent mode works for two minutes and rest for 1 minute during the day and work for 5 minutes and rest for 55 minutes during night.

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