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Posted 28 days by Dan Algarin

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Dan Algarin

Currently, it is not possible to be signed in to the Petkit app on multiple devices.  This is a huge inconvenience for families using Petkit products as it means that only one person can be logged in and receive notifications for issues with any devices they own.

In our case, we own two Pura Max litter boxes and responsibility for maintaining these is shared amongst myself, my wife, and my daughter.  Unfortunately only one of us is able to be logged in and receive notifications.  And if one of us logs in to clear an issue or perform a manual cleaning the other person is logged out.  

Ultimately this limitation is just ridiculous.  A smart device app that is limited to a single login.  Just terrible.

Request is that the app/authentication be fixed so that you can be logged into the Petkit app on multiple devices and that all signed in devices receive alerts/notifications which are configured.

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