Fresh Element 3 feeding problem due to weight sensor

Posted 6 months ago by Kaan Turhan

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Kaan Turhan

I have Fresh Element 3 for my cats at home. When the feeding starts, my cats go to the device and start eating. Normally the device has to feed 50 grams, but when my cat touches the bowl, the feeding stops and acts as if it has given 50 grams but does not. We tried every way to fix it but nothing worked. I sent an e-mail to Petkit Support for this problem and they replied, "Feed manually until the problem is solved." :) I use many products of the Petkit brand and I am very satisfied, but I am not at all satisfied with the Fresh Elements 3 device. Because my cats couldn't eat enough for days because of this problem. I need urgent help for this problem. I request software or hardware support.

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Shiao-Yu Li posted 3 months ago


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