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Posted about 1 year ago by Paul van Driel

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Paul van Driel

Is it possible to make my Solo Feeder compatible with Samsungs SmartThings so I can add this device to this app. I specially bought this feeder but another of your feeders is only compatible with this app.

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Robert posted about 1 year ago

Yeah I would love that that feature sounds great I tried to add it to SmartThings and it doesn't show anything

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Kristian hansson posted 3 months ago

Anyone know how the integration is? 

I'm on the edge to buy some product but until I know if it support 100% and I don't need to use there own app. I stay away and continue looking for other products. 

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Corey posted 10 months ago

The reason why we got a petkit was it worked with smartthings how was I so wrong I have to say the app is junk. Come on petkit get with the times make this happen.

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Troy Owens posted about 1 year ago

Yes, I would love this integration. Please make this happen 

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Paul van Driel posted about 1 year ago

Is indeed a useful feature, have submitted a request to Petkit. They would look into it and maybe implement it.

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