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Posted about 1 year ago by Roger Wilco

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Roger Wilco

I'm posting here so perhaps there's something that can be reworked.

The only way I could get all three of my cats to use the litter box was to remove the side hatch that holds the air freshener. But I also had to remove the air freshener. Because they did not like the mist and or smell.

I've already come across someone else on Reddit who had the same problem and taking off the side hatch worked for them because then it'll let the cat see what's going on when the machine is in use.

Other than them not liking the smell of the air freshener it was like they didn't trust the machine because they didn't know what was going on.

And given the superior design of the corkscrew poop chute to the side, it allows them to poke their head in that side area and watch what's going on.

I also had to add 4-in gorilla tape around the top of the litter mat because I have a high pee-er. So perhaps a litter mat like the Pura x in this model with the side panel off and no air freshener but perhaps some sort of baking soda to sprinkle in the litter container to combat the whoosh of smell when the litter container opens. Other than the little n50 I use a fragrance to baking soda that's super cheap in the litter container.

I would think a lot of the returns are because of these things and the air freshener.

Love my unit though it is by far the best product for cat litter boxes I have ever seen!! Thank you so much!!!

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