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Posted 9 months ago by Moises Willis

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Moises Willis

Dear PETKIT Team,

Greetings! I hope this note finds you in great spirits. As a content user of your smart water fountain, I am reaching out to discuss the potential incorporation of a feature that could offer a more proactive pet care experience: the integration of live activity notifications and Dynamic Island support for real-time alerts.

Proposed Enhancement:

  • Live Activity & Dynamic Island Notifications:
    • Feeding Completion & Low Supply Alerts: Provide immediate and persistent alerts on feeding completion and when the food or water is running low, visible until users act on them.
    • Enhanced User Awareness: Offer constant awareness and timely information to manage pet needs effectively through these proactive alerts. Feeding completed, error upon feeding, water/food low, etc.

Implementing such dynamic notifications could significantly enhance user awareness and responsiveness, ensuring no pet needs are overlooked. This would bring forth an elevated sense of reliability and convenience in utilizing PETKIT products.

I am keen to understand your perspective on incorporating these features and if they are being considered in your upcoming development plans. Thank you for your relentless pursuit of innovation in pet care, and I excitedly anticipate the potential evolution of your products with these added capabilities!

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