Cloudy Water in Fish Tank

Modified on Thu, 12 May 2022 at 11:31 AM

What causes Cloudy Water in Fish Tank?

There are two common reasons for the turbidity of the water inside the fish tank: 

1. The turbidity caused by large particles such as physical turbid sediment and excrement can be solved by changing the water. When changing the water, add water carefully and slowly to avoid impacting and rolling up the bottom sediment and feces. 

2. Biochemical turbidity is limited by the pore size of the filter cotton, and fine particles cannot be filtered, and must be decomposed by biochemical means (nitrification system). The nitrification system generally takes about a month to establish and mature, and the establishment can be accelerated by adding nitrifying bacteria (water agent). 

(Note: (The nitrifying bacteria water agent can be purchased separately online) 

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