What is Digestive Bacteria?

Modified on Wed, 11 May 2022 at 12:44 AM

What is Digestive Bacteria?

Origin of "digestive" bacteria is a compound probiotic water conditioner. In addition to conventional nitrifying bacteria, it also increases digestion-promoting probiotics. The more the food is fully digested, the less ammonia nitrogen and toxins are produced, the easier it is to control the water quality. This plays a role in conditioning the water quality from the source. Therefore, the "digestive" bacteria are not  really nitrifying bacteria in the ordinary sense, but a more comprehensive probiotic water conditioning product.

ERAARK "digestive" bacteria is water conditioner with compound probiotics, including regular nitrifying bacteria and additional probiotics for promoting digestion. The more food is digested, the less ammonia nitrogen and toxin are produced, so the more easily the water is stabilized. It conditions the water from the beginning. In this way, it offers more complete water function than normal nitrifying bacteria.

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