PETKIT Smart Pet Feeder User Safety Guide

Modified on Fri, 20 May 2022 at 10:34 AM

User Safety Guide

·  Failure to follow the safety guides outlined below can result in product malfunction or other unforeseen mishaps.

·  Please install and use the product as instructed in the User Manual.

·  For pets heavier than 3.Slbs and older than 6 months.

·  Do not place the product in a high-temperature and high-pressure environment.

·  For indoor use only. Do not expose the product directly to sunlight for extended periods of time. Do not place it near an open flame.

·  PURA MAX Is using low voltages. However, pets can still damage the power cord if they chew on it. Please keep your pets away from the Cord.

·  Only use the provided Power Adapter. Using a different power adapter may result in damages to the product and potential safety hazards.

·  Make sure the product is located on a flat level. Do not place the product against the wall.

·  To avoid safety hazards, do not incline the product.

·  Please keep the product dry.

·  To avoid weight sensor damage. Please lift the product carefully when you have to.

·  Please turn off the power, when you need to move the product or stop using it.

·  Children should use this product under the guidance of adults.

·  Repairs should be done under the guidance of a professional to avoid safety hazards.

·  Please do not place any objects on the top of the product.

·  Please make sure to leave enough cat Utters in the Cylinder and enough space in the Waste Collection Bin before leaving for the trip.

·  If you encounter any problems while using this product, please contact us immediately.


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