Smart PET Feeder keeps disconnecting / goes offline frequently

Modified on Mon, 23 May 2022 at 10:56 PM

What should I do if the Smart Pet Feeder frequently?

If the Smart Pet Feeder keeps disconnecting from your WiFi, the device will still dispense food, even if it is offline. However, you will not receive notifications and the PETKIT App will show that feeding has failed.

If there is no other issue, the device will be back online automatically. If it doesn't go online, please reset the device and connect it with the network/WiFi again.

Note: Please make sure the device is set up under a 2.4Ghz network without authentication, no special character included in SSID name and the WiFi name length should not be too long to be recognized properly by the device. During network pairing process, both the device and APP should always be working under the same mode ( either SMART mode or AP mode).

If the Smart Pet Feeder still goes offline frequently, please unplug the power adapter and allow the device to be powered on only with batteries. Then monitor if problem persists.

You may also reach out to PETKIT Help Center and provide the Serial Number of the device, the store where you purchased it from and your order number so we can investigate further on the issue.

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