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Posted 2 months by Keegan Trundy

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Keegan Trundy

The app currently has the ability to show the working status of the EVERSWEET 3 PRO water fountain, specifically when connected to WiFi through a base device such as the solo feeder. I would like to be able to receive a push notification when the fountain stops pumping water due to low water, similar to how the feeder can send a notification when food is low.

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Samantha melendez posted 21 days

Yes please this would be the best update. I have reminders to clean and refill the water every two weeks. This matches my cats water intake pretty consistently but every now and then she finishes the water early. If it wasn’t for my cat being so smart and drawing my attention to it I wouldn’t notice if water has run out earlier than the 2 week span.

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Natpavin Rattanaviang posted about 1 month


the color status isn't enough because everyone focus on it's working or not working and filter has expire

if they make alert when low water it make sense to do

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Daniella Pratt posted about 1 month

I agree. With the last update, I can see when the water is empty, but it doesn't also send my phone a notification. That would be a very good addition. 

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