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Posted over 1 year ago by MagicTeddy

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All devices with Bluetooth are publicly available, can you please secure this Bluetooth tags by making them hidden and only specific group of your devices may determine and connect to them? 

Or there is missing documentation or it is real that this publicly available Bluetooth tags have no use beside app control, so there must not be reason to keep them visible for public scanners

PS! Only use found so far is to determine location of fit3 by third party app which determine the distance to the tag and directions which function is still missing in your app. 

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MagicTeddy posted about 1 year ago

Igor it is not about pet fit, but about all rest alliances,  Pura Max, cube, eversweet, element Gemini, element 3, I have all the devices and whenever I scan my Bluetooth in the house to connect to some speakers I see this PetKit_GDr, Permit_w4x, etc, names around

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Igor Santos posted about 1 year ago

They don't seen to care for their own forum lol

That said... I've got two Fit3 and I can't see either of them on my Bluetooth list

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