Odor spray: error message it’s empty but it’s full

Posted 30 days ago by Silvia Becker

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Silvia Becker

Hi, I get the message that I should replace the liquid of odor removal which I did, but message does not disappear 

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Ruth posted 10 days ago

I figured out how to resolve the error message on my own. You simply click the odor icon, then on the next page, click the tiny “reset” in blue. Lol. It’s not that high tech after all. And PETKIT support never replied to my question either so they were no help. 

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Ruth posted 18 days ago

I have the same problem! It has plenty of fluid and I even filled it up and still the error message. I wonder if it a software glitch and they need to update it or something. I submitted a ticket and am hoping they can fix it. 

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