Eversweet Solo fountain stopped working

Posted over 1 year ago by Emma Burnett

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Emma Burnett

My Eversweet water fountain has stopped working after just over a month.The blue light started to flash for insufficient water but the water levels are fine. Tried trouble shooting (very limited solutions) and a full clean and filter replacement but still the same issue. I’ve tried to find help via other online forums but can’t find anything for this specific model/issue - only different faults or models. 

Has anyone had the same/similar issues? 

I haven’t had any other issues until now but on Wednesday I received the below message via Amazon since I purchased that way. Just as the period for returns closed…

Message from seller PETKIT-UK:


Good day. Thanks for your purchase of PETKIT automatic cat water fountain. Here is Marie from PETKIT.
We sincerely hope that your lovely pet would like to drink water from our water fountain.

Would you mind to tell us if the water fountain you received works properly?
Please notice that PETKT water fountain works only with 5V power plug. If the fountain lights up, but doesn't pump water, please check if you use 5V power plug.

By the way, please do not forget to replace the filter regularly.
There is two working mode: normal mode and smart mode.
For normal mode, please replace the filter every 30 days;
for smart mode, please replace the filter every 60 days.
Don't worry, the filter light will turn on to remind you to replace the filter.
and pleaes DO NOT forget to reset the device by pressing the reset button on the device, after you replace the filter. Otherwise, the pump will not work. 

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