Problem with my new PuraMax liter

Posted 9 months ago by Joel GRIFFON

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Hello , :-)

I’ve many petkit product as you can see on my copy screen bellow. 

I’ve also other petkit products transport bags , …etc 

I’m very happy for all this products .

When I’ve received my first PuraMax it was very easy to install , configure, and upgrade the internal software. All was ok in 25/30 mn.

I’ve just received my new Petkit PuraMax because now I ve 3 cats. 

But it’s about 2 hours I try to install and configure it but I didn’t reach to ! :-(((

I tried so many solution : 

- change spot for this PuraMax, I finished to put it  where the first one was install but I can upgrade the software 
- I change the wifi ( despite my first one wifi works well with all my petkit connected devices …) but impossible to install my new PuraMax with this wifi …

I’m very sad because I don’t understand the problem : I would like so much to succeed to configure it and upgrade it .

I ve bought it like all my Petkit products on Amazon. 

Maybe I should make a total reset but I didn’t know how to do. I ve made simple reset of this PuraMax but it always didn’t work …

Please help me because I wouldn’t like to make a ticket to return this product : I really need a second PuraMax . 

All my Petkit Products are on the same wifi network :

- my old and first PuraMax liter 

- my Eversweet 3 pro

- my Fresh élément Gemini 

All works perfectly…

But it still impossible to install configure and upgrade the new Petkit PuraMax Liter I’ve just received this morning … :-(((

Maybe I need to use an hard reset to put it into the manufacturing configuration …

but I don’t know how to do it …

I tried so many things : 

- change wifi 

- change place of this PuraMax 

- simple reset 

- change electric place 

- etc etc …

But all I did still don’t work :-(

Maybe a received a bad one …

I really like to have a help to solve this problem please

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