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Posted 3 months ago by Dean Cannon

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Dean Cannon

Hi I have a PETKIT GO leash which is running on firmware V1.13. The leash is connected to the app on my iPhone and there is a firmware update, however it keeps failing.

I have contacted PETKIT SUPPORT, but quite frankly they are worse than useless. All they say is that if it won’t update, try deleting and reinstalling then try to update via a hotspot. Done all this and still doesn’t work. They tell me it should run V 1.16 and initially informed me they would send me the update but next day told me that support for the leash had ceased. Petkit have basically refused to help.

The issue that I have is that, in order to use the tracking function, I have to keep my phone screen awake for the duration of the walk. Clearly I shouldn’t have to do this and my guess is that this is happening because I am using old firmware.

Can anyone help or advise?

Thank you


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