PuraX, Worst litter box in history doesn't calibrate properly

Posted 6 months ago by Miller

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The scale never calibrates properly. There is not a single video in english or instruction on proper calibration instructions anywhere. 

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Dana McQuillen posted 5 months ago

Same issues 100%   Worst thing I've ever spent my money on.

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charmaine so posted 5 months ago

I am having the same issue, how can I make it work? The calibration is not working properly, and keeping on saying cat in the litter box in the middle of cleaning when NO cat is inside, this is very annoying and if we are not home, our cats can't go to toilet and they will have to hold for 8-9 hours, is this a shit litter robot? 

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Miller posted 6 months ago

After calibration, the litter is added and it only shows forty percent when it's full. Of course, since there are no instructions anywhere on the proper steps in adding the litter after calibration. Who knows if i'm doing it right or wrong.

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