Puramax not relaying to app that cat has gone potty

Posted 4 months ago by Aaron S

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Aaron S

The puramax seems to work fine, but it is not logging when my cats use it in the app. I tried deleting 1 cat's profile in hopes that it fixes it, but it did not. Help??

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PooperScooper71 posted about 1 month ago

Bizarrely my App suddenly started registering all 3 cats visits, length of time in the box & their weight. 

I'd tried multiple times uninstalling the App, emptying the litter box & resetting it & had given up on being able to have this info but it is now working.

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Michael bayman posted about 1 month ago

Having this trouble too it does not detect the cat has been in to use it and only way it cleans is when I do it thru the app manually 

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PooperScooper71 posted about 2 months ago

Hi, did you manage to resolve this issue as I'm experiencing the same?

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